Fairies Wear Boots (Absinthe + Fernet + Root Beer)

Fairies Wear Boots (Absinthe + Fernet + Root Beer)

Over the years, we have become HUGE fans of absinthe - there’s something about its unique flavor profile, characterized by strong notes of anise and fennel, that we absolutely love! That said, it’s an unfortunate reality that absinthe is rarely used as anything but a supporting ingredient in cocktails (the Sazerac and Corpse Reviver #2 come to mind!). Though it is admittedly a challenging spirit to integrate into cocktails due to its assertive flavor profile, we still hold that absinthe is grossly underutilized in the cocktail world - so we set out to design a delicious (and incredibly simple!) cocktail to showcase this incredible spirit! Fairies Wear Boots - a quick and easy 3-ingredient cocktail made with absinthe, Fernet Branca, and root beer - is the result of those efforts, and we are absolutely blown away by just how refreshing and unique it is - we seriously can’t get enough! Perhaps our favorite aspect of this drink is that it manages to strike the perfect balance between celebrating everything that makes absinthe great (especially its complex herbal character!) and remaining extremely approachable. So whether you are a hardcore absinthe fan (like we are!) or are new to the spirit, we know you will love this drink as much as we do!


  • 1 oz absinthe

  • 1 oz Fernet Branca

  • 4 oz root beer

  • Fresh anise (for garnish)


  1. Fill an old-fashioned, highball, or champagne glass with crushed ice.

  2. Add absinthe, Fernet Branca, and root beer to the glass, stir briefly to combine, and garnish with fresh anise.

  3. Enjoy!