Vegan Now!

Vegan Now!

Traveling Vegan in Chicago, IL

Being from the South, a passion for soul food was bred into us. And over the last several years of eating a plant-based diet, we have been craving a soul food fix. That's when we heard about a small booth at an indoor food market - called the French Market - in the West Loop of Chicago. Based on what we heard, it sounded like this place was cooking up vegan soul food fresh every day and - most importantly - absolutely killing it. So obviously we had to go check it out for ourselves!

Right away, we could smell the familiar scent of greens, beans, and fried chicken. Not only did this place live up to the hype - it blew us away! The folks here understand southern flavors on another level - if I may, on a southern level. We learned that Vegan Now! is an extension of Original Soul Vegetarian, a 100% plant-based Chicago restaurant that has been serving up exceptional southern comfort food for over 30 years! That's what made it all make sense - these were recipes that had been fine-tuned over the course of 3 decades, and during that time, they absolutely nailed it!

Before I get into the details of the many must-try items on their menu, we want to give a shoutout to the gentleman that dishes out all of their amazing food. Not only is he always very friendly, he also doesn't pass any visible judgement when you shamelessly ask for a bit of everything and then proceed to devour all of it in no time flat! Not saying that we go crazy with the portions, but that's between us and him - he is the real MVP. 

Due to the rotating menu, the daily selection changes throughout the week, but there is always a range of traditional sides and main dishes. They offer many different sides - everything from greens to southern-style beans to creamed cauliflower. For main dishes, we have tried (so far!) the chicken pot pie, eggplant parmesan, chicken cutlets, and - most importantly - their fried chicken drumsticks. OMG. The drumsticks are perfection. We can't decide what we like better - the texture of the mock chicken or the amazingly seasoned batter that is fried to a perfect crispiness! 

Whatever you end up trying at Vegan Now!, we know you will leave happy and full (but seriously, load up on the fried chicken!). We cannot recommend this place enough. Their food is exceptional, the service is great, and the location at the market is a ton of fun around lunchtime! If you are from Chicago, grab some friends and head over for an amazing meal! And if you aren't from Chicago, stop by next time you're in town. Vegan Now! is truly exceptional, and we will be loyal customers as long as we are living in the Windy City!