Une Année Brewery

Une Année Brewery

Even before our first time sampling Une Année's beer, we had incredibly high expectations given all the hype surrounding this brewery and its vast array of fruited and barrel-aged sours. So imagine our surprise when we found out just last year - thanks to a tip from an employee at a nearby Binny's - that Une Année had opened up a taproom in Niles, IL, that was just a short drive from our apartment! We immediately headed over, ordered a couple of flights from their expansive tap list, and were blown away by just how delicious and varied their offerings were!

As a bit of background, Une Année (French for "one year") is a brewery that primarily focuses on brewing French and Belgian styles while keeping seasonality in mind - an idea that we really respect! The result is a brewery heavily focused on fruited and/or barrel-aged sour beers that are seasonal, creative, and that truly celebrate the high-quality ingredients they contain! And don't worry - if sour beer isn't your thing, they also offer several non-sour options, including various hoppy and belgian-style beers.

Though we've had the chance to visit Une Année's taproom multiple times, we mostly want to focus on our most recent visit, where we had the chance to try six unique beers, all of which were new to us! Specifically, we tried two iterations of their Le Grand Monde series - 2018-2 (Strawberry and Rose Hips), 2017-11 (Merlot and Cabernet Grapes) - three iterations of their Le Seul series - XIII (Guava), XX (Strawberry and Rhubarb), and XXVI (Boysenberry) - and Pêche (a wild ale brewed with Peaches). Ultimately, they were all delicious, though our favorites definitely ended up being Le Seul XIII (Guava) and Le Seul XXVI (Boysenberry)! They were each flavorful, complex, and legitimately unlike anything else we've had before (either from Une Année or from the many other sour-focused breweries we've visited across the country!). 

Ultimately, if you're a fan of sour beer, we can't recommend Une Année enough! They have a very expansive portfolio of delicious and truly unique options on tap at any given time, and - fortunately (given how indecisive we can be at times!) - they offer flights, giving you the perfect opportunity to taste a large selection of their offerings. Though it may be located a bit outside the city (northern suburbs), the incredible beer available at Une Année's taproom certainly makes it worth going out of your way to visit when in Chicago!