The Southern V

The Southern V

Traveling Vegan in Nashville, TN

Originally a grab-and-go joint run by an amazing husband and wife team, The Southern V recently opened its first sit-down restaurant, which is beautifully designed both inside and out. Tiffany (the genius behind these amazing recipes) says that design and decor take her to her happy place, and it really shows in the space. Every single detail in the decor is light, airy, and makes the space feel like home to anyone that walks through the doors. But, more than anything, we are here to talk about this incredible vegan fried chicken.

Let's be real - it could look a mess inside the restaurant and The Southern V would still be a success with the quality of food they are putting out! We ordered the classic fried chicken sandwich and the Nashville hot chicken sandwich, both with a side of vegan mac and cheese! OMG. OMG. OMG. I wish I could hug Tiffany and anyone else who helped develop this fried chicken recipe. Not only was the plant-based chicken an incredible texture - it tasted absolutely amazing! But the game changer is the batter. The batter was so perfectly seasoned and fried, I was almost out of my seat doing a happy dance! If you are going to be in Nashville, then you HAVE to try this place! 

From the decor to the food, The Southern V is doing everything right, and we will never cease to recommend them to anyone headed to Nashville, carnivores and vegans alike! The owners have hinted at opening additional locations in the future, and we can only hope and pray to the comfort food gods that they consider opening a location in Chicago someday! And since we didn't get the chance to try the weekend breakfast during our visit, we know we will be back for some chicken biscuits and chicken and waffles as soon as we get the chance! Whether you are from Nashville or are just visiting, The Southern V is an absolute must-try! 

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