The Herbivorous Butcher

The Herbivorous Butcher

Traveling Vegan in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

After a quick 6-hour drive from Chicago through beautiful Wisconsin, we arrived in Minneapolis absolutely starving -  so we immediately headed over to The Herbivorous Butcher, whose Instagram pictures we have been drooling over for a long time! This butcher shop is unique in that every single product is plant-based! It was started by a brother and sister a few years back, and has been receiving rave reviews ever since!

As soon as you walk in the door,  there is a huge display case packed full of every kind of plant-based meat and cheese you can think of – ribs, burgers, bacon, sausage, jerky, gouda, feta, mozzarella - and the list goes on and on! In addition to the wide variety of plant-based meats and cheeses, they also serve a small menu of sandwiches showcasing their many products! We each immediately ordered a sandwich - we tried the Italian Cold Cut and the hot-pressed Eggplant Chicken Parmesan! - as well as a few slices of their Vegan Teriyaki Jerky. Tip: Since this location is primarily a butcher shop (well, kind of), there is no indoor seating available, but we were happy enough to sit in the car to escape the heat while we ate.

Not only were The Herbivorous Butcher's plant-based meats amazing, the sandwiches were perfectly balanced and delicious! And while we weren't the biggest fans of certain ingredients (like the Vegan Mozzarella), we loved the various deli-style meats included on the Italian Cold Cut, and the parmesan on the Eggplant Chicken Parmesan was a knockout of flavor! We hands down recommend this place to anyone! And while it is a bit pricey, you get a lot for your money and will definitely leave full! If you don’t live too far, consider bringing a cooler to load up on all the amazing products they offer!

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